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Gain better financial control and oversight of your business ?

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Are you struggling with your business finances and holding yourself back from growth? 

Let's be honest: You didn't start your company because you're passionate about financial figures.

Most likely, you wanted more freedom, to earn a significant amount of money, be profitable, and engage in activities that energize you.

You thought that having an accountant would be sufficient to manage this part

However, after a period of time, it becomes apparent that you lack a clear overview of your earnings.

Your cash flow is quite low because costs are high, and the tax authorities constantly demand money. You're working far more hours than initially planned, and the salary you can draw from your company is much lower than envisioned.

Doubts begin to arise about your next steps. On top of that, the accountant uses terminology you have no idea about its meaning. You're aware that you need to invest, but in what exactly, and can you afford it?

When someone asks about your financial goals for the next two years, you feel hesitant to answer because in the past year, you either didn't achieve them or struggled to do so. Perhaps you don't even have any financial goals at the moment.

It is time to take matters in your own hand and make Finance fun again!

Do you feel? 

Anxious,because you have no financial overview 

Confused on what to do when the money comes in? How much is for taxes? How much is for your?

Lonely, because you can't talk to no one about this

Frustrated, because your business is doing great, but why does't it show in your bankstatement
Doubt, if you really make profit with your services or products

Imagine being confident with your business finances

Imagine that you know exactly what is  financially going on in your business

Imagine this: It's the end of the week, and you're really excited about this hour. It's your weekly financial hour During this hour, you review your bank balance, your revenue and expenses, and compare them against your financial plan. You determine whether any interventions are necessary and you know exactly which key metrics require your attention.

Thanks to this financial hour, you know precisely where to focus your efforts. You don't panic anymore, because you are in control of your number.

You have a clear understanding of which services or products generate the most profit. With this knowledge, you know exactly where and when to invest to help your business grow. As a result, your profits continue to increase. 

And the best part: you have a financial partner with whom you can regularly discuss and strategize.

You are no longer alone in managing your finances.

You feel

Empowered, because you know exactly what is going on financially in your business.

You feel Joy, because you have a steady income every month and you can even pay yourself a bonus once in a while ( hello dream holiday :-))

Secure ,because you have a financial partner

Excited, because you now have the knowledge to make good financial decisions, which lead to more growth and profitability
Confident, you know  the common financial terms  and can talk to your accountant on high level.

There are 2 ways we can work together 

Strategy deep dive session

This is a 2,5 hour 1 :1 intense session.  

Here is how it works:

  • Preparation. Before our session I ask you to fill in an intake form and send me the annual accounts of your company. This way I can analyze your numbers and prepare the session

  • The session

Phase 1

In this phase we will discuss your struggles and challenges. We will discover your business and private goals. 

Phase 2

We will analyze your current situation and make new plans . We will talk about your business, offer, revenue streams and pricing. What changes do you need to make to reach your goals. 

Phase 3

We make a financial plan to see what do you need to invest to reach your goals. How much revenue and profit do you need to make to reach your goals?

Phase 4:

We will discuss steps and strategy how to get  to that revenue goal and put in a a timeframe.

At the end of the sessions you will know exactly what to do and you'll have a financial plan so you can do this with confidence.

  • After the session

After 3 months we will have a 30 minute call to see how you are doing and to answer your questions.


The investment is  only €750.

Become more profitable with a financial and cash flow plan


Thanks to my sessions with Garcia, I finally have clarity and peace of mind when it comes to my finances. I feel in control of my numbers, allowing me to make informed decisions for my business. It's a wonderful feeling!

Sarah Meers - Graphic design, Studio Morf

Garcia her service is incredibly personal and excellent, and she is fast and knowledgeable.

Garcia has helped me regain control over my numbers. I not only have more clarity but also a genuine sense of peace.

I highly recommend working with Garcia.

Deborah de poorter,Business Manager.. 
Over the course of a year, I have made significant progress with Garcia. We focused on making my business more profitable, and we succeeded in doing so.
Sharona Bolander, Business Coach

1 :1 coaching 

With 1:1coaching, I will help you become the CFO of your company.

We'll start with a 2,5-hour  intense deep-dive session, which will establish a solid financial foundation for us to work on together.

Afterward, we'll continue to connect online on a regular basis. This can be every quarter, every two months, or every month.

During these 1 regular hour sessions, we'll discuss:

  • The current financial state of your business,
  • If you're still on track, and if any corrections are necessary.
  • We'll review your cash flow
  • Determine areas of focus for the upcoming period.
  • I'll assist you in determining the optimal investments to make and when to make them.

.*I'll be your financial and strategic partner. You are not alone anymore

  • Of course you can e-mail me between our sessions


Prices start at €149 a month. 

My money mindset has undergone a significant transformation, and I've achieved my first 6-figure year. I now have more money left over each month, and I no longer find looking at my numbers as daunting as before. I wholeheartedly recommend Garcia to anyone. She is a top-notch professional in her field and a wonderful person to work with.

Manouk - Asome 

About Garcia 

Garcia Stans is an accomplished entrepreneur who has been making waves in the business world since 2019. With a strong passion for supporting female entrepreneurs, she has dedicated her career to helping them grow and become more profitable in their endeavors.

Prior to venturing into entrepreneurship, Garcia worked extensively in the corporate sector as a controller and financial manager. Her experience in large corporations equipped her with valuable insights into the intricacies of financial management, allowing her to excel in her current role.

In 2019, Garcia took a leap of faith and founded her own company, which quickly gained recognition for its outstanding contributions to the entrepreneurial community. Through her business, she has provided guidance and support to over 275 small businesses, enabling them to thrive and achieve their goals.

Garcia is renowned for her unwavering dedication and commitment to the success of her clients. She goes above and beyond to understand their unique challenges and tailor her guidance to their specific needs. Her insightful advice, combined with her ability to think outside the box, has helped countless entrepreneurs overcome obstacles and unlock their full potential.

Beyond her professional achievements, Garcia is also an advocate for gender equality in the business world. She actively seeks opportunities to promote and empower women in entrepreneurship, recognizing the immense value they bring to the global economy.


Clarity and control
IGarcia and her services are like a hidden gem that you almost don't want to share with too many people because it's just too good.

However, I've gained incredible value from her financial knowledge and advice, and I genuinely wish every entrepreneur could experience the luxury of having a "CFO on demand.

" Thanks to Garcia, I have clarity, feel in control, and never experience financial stress anymore. This allows me to focus on running my business and its growth. And that, my friends, is truly invaluable.
Anna Noyons - (INK).

Truly recommend her 

I find working with Garcia to be highly enjoyable. She is very approachable and provides quick and clear answers to my questions.

What I appreciate is that she is personally involved in matters that I, as an entrepreneur, am also focused on in my personal life and business, such as achieving financial independence, developing a positive money mindset, and building an online business.

I have already recommended her to several people.

ZJ - Business strategist 
Together we set goals

Garcia helps me understand my finances. Finally!

In the past, accountants couldn't explain things to me in plain language, but Garcia can.

She takes the time to ensure understanding, and that creates room for comprehension and, ultimately, enjoyment!

Together, we set goals, evaluate what works and what doesn't, and make my business more financially efficient.

Myrthe - Event planning 

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